Why there has not been anything coming from the CSA.

I discovered the workings of the Flying Saucer in 1967 and offered it to Canada as a Birthday Present. It was rejected and ridiculed by the NRC. The patents were granted in 1978. The Hudson Institute evaluated the invention of Gravity Control at $600 Billion if the USA would have it before Russia, so I offered it to Nasa, the Shuttles would be able to fly without rockets to the ISS in one hour or to the Moon in a few hours. Nasa was not interested, it would make the Rocket Industry obsolete.
After the second Space Disaster the Propulsion Engineers in Cleveland, Ohio, decided to try the circuitry out, did not ask me for advice like had urged and caused another disaster costing Billions. The big Black-out of 2003 in te USA and Canada. A poor, innocent little tree was blamed.
Then Nasa was informed that the technology was unsuitable for Space Travel and Nasa refused to pay me my fee.
So, now I can make it available for the generation of
These big spheres under a Flying saucer are the Propulsion Units and can lift a 100 ton vehicle off the ground with a very small amount of power.
That can be used to generate electric power too.
A 100 ton weight can (e.g.) be lifted 300 meters.
When it comes down, it can be used to activate a generator.
A Power Station would consist of two Silos, side by side.
The weights would be able to slide upand down in them.’
The Gravity Control Units (GCUs) would be mounted under the weights. Initially the GCU in Silo #1 would be powerd from an external source to push the weight up to maximum height.
Then the power to the GCU would disconnect, the weight would come down, activate the generator(s) and power the GCU in Silo # 2.
When the weight in Silo #1 is near bottom, the weight in Silo # 2 will be at the top and take the work over and repower the GCU in Silo #1. etc. etc
To calm down people that know that Perpetuum Mobile is impossible: The GCU is charged up to (e.g. ) 1000 Watts.
That energy is released in a millisecond or less.
It will act like a 1000 Kilowatt push , about 1,333 thousand HP.
Power at 1 cent per Kilowatt is feasible.
It casn be built anywhwere, in remote communities, up,North, on Islands and Radar stations.
No oil needed. The GCU’s would be LEASED to pay the investors and Taxman.
It would also create thousands of new jobs, as all oil and gas-furnaces could be changed over to inexpensive electric systems and could be exported all over the world..
Heavy opposition from Nuclear-, Wind -, Solar- and Water Power systems can be expected .
Oil will be available for Transportation and gas for Industrial Purposes. Oil can be cooked out of the sands without using oil.
Flying or Floating vehicles are possible too, making transportation to no-road places possible.
Look into:
See the US patent at:
<www. rexresearch.com/hiddnk/hiddink.

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